Welcome to the new site

Seems like just yesterday I finished working on my old site — only to wake one day to find out the Web had reinvented itself. Content management systems? Social networks? User-generated content? Excuse me? Oh, and remember Flash, that program all dutiful web designers spent years and years trying to master ’cause everybody wanted a nifty-looking animation on their landing page? Yeah, well forget that (thanks a lot, Steve. RIP).

Of course, having been too busy getting everybody ELSE up to speed with the latest greatest tech, my own site lay neglected for far too long. But this past year has been far too interesting and rewarding to go unremarked upon.

So welcome to the new site! I hope you enjoy the some of latest offerings from the proving grounds here at Ogden Creative, watch some videos, read a case study or two, and maybe take the occasional side-trip into some irrelevant and pointless fun. And make sure to subscribe to receive news and updates as they occur.

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2 Responses to Welcome to the new site

  1. When I remember Flash, I think of the guy in red leotards, or the black and white guy that fought Ming the Merciless. Or maybe that song from Queen. Now you’re telling me there’s ANOTHER Flash, and I missed it entirely?!?

    But I still love your website.

  2. Laird says:

    It was a typo. Should have been Flash-er. Still pending trial. And thanks for stopping by!